Telemedicine will be launched this year in France

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Unless the situation requires a direct physical examination, consulting a physical remotely by videoconference should be possible as of September 2018.

The High Authority of Health (HAS)affirmed all types of medical cases should be able to be subject to remote consultation, under certain conditions. The Hospital, Patients, Health and Territories Act of 21 July 2009 provides acts such as following up with a surgeon after an operation, or talking to a psychiatrist from home. Furthermore, the acts of « teleconsultation » (appointment between a patient and a medical professional by videoconference) and « tele-expertise »(a request for opinion of one or more other medical professionals), can be repaid by the health insurance said the HAS, seized by the Ministry of Health. “No clinical situation can be excluded a priori” she affirmed.

As no telemedicine if the situation requires a physical examination, it delimits criteria.

The teleconsultation “is not suitable for situations requiring a direct physical examination by the medical professional consulted”. Also, the patient must be able to benefit from this teleconsultation, with a compatible state of health, and a certain ease with the technologies employed. Eventually, he may be assisted by a loved one, an interpreter, or a health staff.

Doctors unions and Health Insurance have agreed to open the possibility of teleconsultation to all patients by September 15, 2018. However, the tele-expertise wouldbe reserved “at first” to patients considered as apriority, especially those living in underendowed zones (in terms of doctors), or with a long-term affection.

Negotiations between the five representative unions of doctors the HealthInsurance, to set the practical terms and tariffs of telemedicine, are coming to an end and are moving towards an opening of teleconsultation to all French by September 15th.

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