You want to change the world?

Welcome to Spinleap!

Ipsen’s dedicated structure to embrace Healthcare disruption

Why Spinleap?

The world is changing faster than ever. Technologies are disrupting business models at an accelerating pace. Healthcare is reaching a turning point. Spinleap is Ipsen’s answer to this new need for speed and agility.

Spinleap leverages the most advanced technologies to improve patients’ lives

Our missions


We accelerate high value internal projects by using technology.

Open Innovation

We partner with academics & tech startups to build win/win innovative products.


We explore and test emerging technologies to create new ways to improve patients’ life.

What do we offer?

A dedicated team

Fully focused on technology, user experience, and most importantly, patients’ needs. Obsessed by quality. Daily driven by open-mindness and curiosity.

Ipsen’s network

We share our contacts, knowledge, expertise, infrastructures and time to maximize chances to turn potential into success.

Product’s funding

We provide financial help to make things happen.

Highly motivating challenges

You want to change the world and so are we! Our goal is to leapfrog to the next generation of patients’ treatments and services. Is it risky? Yes… but it’s ok because you like it.

Contact us

We are looking for experts on any relevant technology (IoT, AI, robotics, blockchain …), focused on user experience and wanting to change the world.

If you share our values, or would like to contribute by any ways to this project, we’ll be delighted to speak with you.